Sampson & Associates has been in the exclusive and continuous practice, except for 2 years of military duty, of
preparing patent and trademark drawings along with litigation exhibits for the intellectual property community
since 1965. Sampson & Associates started in Atlanta, and the client base has gradually expanded to most of the
continental US.

We pride ourselves on our technical knowledge and expertise, which, after more than 40 years, spans virtually
all engineering fields. Mark started out as an in-house illustrator with the former firm of Newton, Hopkins,
Jones & Ormsby (1947-1991). As the first person to whom a new client was usually introduced, Mark would
discuss, refine, and make annotated sketches to acquire the information necessary to compile a detailed record
of the invention. Other duties entailed making unassisted field trips to invention sites to photograph (with the
latest technology of the day, a Polaroid Camera), preparing sketches and write-ups for review by the attorney as
the basis for the preparation of a patent application. In addition to being a full time student at Georgia State
University, Mark also prepared drawings while training and organizing a work force to whom he would delegate
drawings which he carefully scrutinized for impeccability.

Technology has greatly enhanced our productivity, work product, and market audience. Almost all of our work
is now done digitally and drawing files along with statements are emailed, making us convenient to all of our
clients, no matter the physical distance. One thing that remains a constant is that process of impeccability that
continues today, not only through Mark but also through Steven Houtzager (GA Tech BSID), Kyle Mundt (Rochester
Institute of Technology BSID), and Mark McJunkin (Carnegie Mellon BSID). Sampson & Associates has a combined
knowledge base of over 72 years experience. Our goal on each and every job is to create a thorough and accurate
graphic disclosure that will exceed your most stringent demands and surpass your highest expectations.